I am Bojana and in my classes you will discover that you are able to paint and create art that you formerly thought would be impossible. Within a time span of only a few hours, I will share secret tips that will stay with you and help you enhance your artistic powers. To me there is nothing more amazingly enriching than creating art experiences in which people get to know new aspects of themselves through art creation, and sharing an important part of who they are. Having fun and exploring is what it’s all about when creating art. My Interdisciplinary background is painting, sculpting and multimedia, and my art is a mixture of various motives, metaphors and techniques that are enhanced with different styles making pieces aesthetically different every time. I exhibited internationally in many Galleries and had the honour of being the youngest artist that exhibited in the Museum of Yugoslavia in Belgrade. I am currently exhibiting my art in Copenhagen, my favorite city, where I study for a Master of Science in Lighting Design.

Sprog: Engelsk, Dansk, serbian


Kommende Oplevelser

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