Under the name of Henry the Rabbit there have been a whole bunch of exhibitions and workshops in and around Copenhagen where I've been based for the last 18 years. The Rabbit name corresponds to a music project that goes under the same name. I began using linoleum as a printmaking process around 2011 whilst working at the Heerup Museum where it was first introduced to me. Carving up and printing kitchen floors soon became my main focus away from painting and music. The first workshops were back in 2014 in Blaa Galleri. Blaa Galleri is home to the Krunchist Movement where my work fits in perfectly. I tend to prefer DIY exhibitions and gigs and working with galleries that give the artists total freedom to what and how their work is represented. My main inspirations come through hands-on analogue arts and crafts: German Expressionists and Japanese Woodblock printers are among my many influences. For a more in depth list please feel free to look at the website. I very much look forward to meeting and introducing you to a wonderful and somewhat addictive pastime. Craig & or Henry the Rabbit

Sprog: Engelsk, Dansk, Spansk, 日本語(ちょっとだけ)


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