Hi! I am Joacim, a passionate photographer and teacher from Copenhagen, Denmark. For the past four years I have been photographing everything from the major hot spots of Copenhagen to the nooks and crannies people rarely come to. I specialize in capturing the city with both knowledge of compositional rules, color theory and knowledge of where the light is best during each season. By utilizing a methodological approach to photography, you will, even as a beginner, be able to get great results. Let me show you! My passion for photography comes from my curiosity, from a simple yet complicated question; what makes a good photo? Answering this question really brought me into photography. What keeps me going with photography are the experiences I get with my camera. From the peaks of Norway to the urban city of Copenhagen, my camera comes with me and allows me to remember those experiences clearly. I want to pass this on to others, the ability to take pictures of your experiences and relive them through the photo.

Sprog: Dansk, Engelsk


Kommende Oplevelser

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