Hi! I am Lula Moor. I’m Argentinean but I’m currently based on Copenhagen. I thrive on creating colourful pieces on an on since 2004. What it is truly essential to me is to be constantly amazed by what surrounds me. And that could be anything: leaves, nature itself, cups, food, faces and of course the human body. As well as colours, textures, shapes and shades. But above all thing: the light. Therefore, what certainly stimulates me is the observation. To me, working with different styles and mediums is much more fun. I can’t stick to one specific technique; I just love to work with different materials. To begin with, I’ve always had a passion for watercolours. However, oil painting was one of my first steps to the world of colours. Lately I´ve been painting a lot with gouache, acrylics, as well as colour pencils or graphite. It is my belief that talent is not the key but practice is. The process of creating can be sometimes overwhelming but most of time is amusing and exciting.

Sprog: Engelsk, Spansk, Italiensk


Kommende Oplevelser

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