Hi! I'm Lula Moor, an Argentinean artist currently based in Copenhagen. Since 2004, I have been passionately creating colourful pieces. As an artist, I draw inspiration from the gentle touch of light, the wonders of nature, and landscapes in particular. Vibrant colour palettes are always my favourites. I am deeply enchanted by the magic of sunsets and clouds. Their ever-changing hues and unique shapes, filled with luminosity, cast a dreamy ambiance that captivates my soul. Through my art I would like to invite you to experience the beauty and emotion that I see in the world embodied in a canvas. In my painting workshops, I delight in guiding people of all skill levels through a step-by-step journey of artistic creation. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to teach, connect with participants, engage in conversations, and foster meaningful connections. Together, we create beautiful moments filled with creativity, laughter, and experimentation. Whether you are a beginner discovering the joy of painting or an experienced artist seeking new techniques, my workshops offer a supportive environment where we can learn, create, and share memorable experiences. Join me as we embark on a journey of artistic expression, forming beautiful connections along the way.

Sprog: Engelsk, Spansk, Italiensk


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