Om Oplevelsen

Niveau: egnet til alle niveauer

Slags: koncert

Extraordinary music by three exceptional artists. Stunning velvet tones of the mezzo-soprano, rich and powerful cello sounds, and elegant, virtuosic piano melodies can be heard in Ambers trio concerts, which have already captivated and inspired thousands of listeners. By performing the most beautiful classical art works, the three musicians provide people with an escape from their daily routines and an opportunity to experience the value and beauty of being present. Whether you are a classical music lover or just slightly curious, a music concert by voice, cello and piano can be the inspiration you need to discover a new passion. After all, what could be better than listening to some of the most beautiful opera arias, autumn songs and temperamental tango. You are invited to enjoy a glass of wine with old and new friends, and meet the artists after the concert. The first glass of wine is included in your ticket.

Denne oplevelse kan også bookes som en Privat Booking

Mindstepris for en booking: 6000 dkk
Grupper større end 40 betaler billet prisen per person:
Yderlige gæster vil blive opkrævet billetprisen: 150 dkk.

Forhør dig, og vores team vil vende tilbage til dig inden for 24 timer.

Sted: this experience can only be held at your location. The maximum number of participants is 1000.

Din Hosting Artist

Sprog: Fransk, Italiensk, Engelsk, Tysk

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Godthåbsvej 33
2000, København

Metronomen is a live music venue located in Frederiksberg, Copenhagem.