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Build a sense of belonging, engagement, and well-being in your team through the power of body movement and human connection. The GROOVE Experience is the perfect activity as an ice breaker, team-building, or corporate training. It is a simple, creative, and fun interactive group dance experience. GROOVE's main principle is UNITED & UNIQUE. We have a chance to UNITE in one style or rhythm, but simultaneously, we have an opportunity to self-express in our UNIQUE way. No previous dance background is needed, and no choreography to follow! Everyone, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or level of mobility, is welcome. We don't strive for perfection. The class is all about increasing self-awareness, releasing stress, and connecting. The objective of the activity is to: - Increase psychological safety, reduce stress, and learn healthy self-regulation through mind-body integration. - Develop empathy and vulnerability - a building bridge towards diversity, inclusion, and belonging. - Increase self-awareness of one’s thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns and how to break them. Understand patterns (personality) of others and learn effective relationship building (communication). The Groove Experience lasts around 50-75 minutes, but the class can be shortened or extended depending on clients' needs. The standard program outline includes (usually modified depending on the nature of the event): 1. The introduction to the Groove method, principles, and values 2. Warm-up 3. Core dancing 4. Cool down and stillness 5. Closing - Sharing Circle and Reflections About Olga Skalska (Move&Grow): Olga Skalska is a Psychologist and Embodiment Coach who combines mental health with another big passion of her DANCE. She helped hundreds of people escape overthinking and stress, guiding them into the body and feelings. She loves empowering others to get out of their comfort zone, and break free from fears holding them back. She worked with organizations like Mars, SAP, and Scandic, and the testimonials are the best way to find out what to expect by hiring her as a facilitator: 'If you are looking for a way to empower your employees and not only talk about it, Olga is the go-to person! She facilitated our first Groove session at SAP and we couldn’t have more fun! She has an amazing energy that she spreads around and she makes sure that everybody gets the best experience. At the same time, Olga is professional and extremely knowledgable within corporate and social psychology. We are looking forward to further cooperation, this time on master-class to minimise the Danish Gender Paradox.' SAP, Natalia Wydzialkiewicz The workshop can be held both in English and Polish. --- Private Bookings Information Please note that the price doesn't include the room rental and sound system. If the client can not provide the room and the sound system, there is an additional charge to the experience, depending on the group size.

Denne oplevelse kan også bookes som en Privat Booking

Mindstepris for en booking: 4500 dkk
Grupper større end 10 betaler billet prisen per person:
Yderlige gæster vil blive opkrævet billetprisen: 500 dkk.

Forhør dig, og vores team vil vende tilbage til dig inden for 24 timer.

Sted: this experience can be held at your location (up to 30 participants) or the artists location (up to 30 participants).

Din Hosting Artist

Olga Skalska

5.00 (10)

Sprog: Engelsk

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Gotved Institut
Vodroffsvej 51
1900, København

The experience will be held in a bright, peaceful room called Ny Sal on the second floor of the building. It has a wooden floor, and we will dance barefoot.


5.00 (10)