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Slags: workshop

Unleash your creativity! During this workshop you will learn the tricks and skills in creating a layered, abstract painting. You don’t need any previous experience and everyone is welcome! First, we will go through a brief insight of the composition process and we will create a quick sketch to have a basic understanding of composition and placement. Next, we’ll learn a couple of tricks to properly prepare our paper or panel. Now comes the fun part! I will guide you through your very own creative process journey. This is the most creative step of the workshop. You’ll be able to let some layers dry before adding more coats, maybe you’ll take a minimalist approach, or maybe you’ll find out while making it. That is the core and beauty about intuitive creativity! You will blend your color palette, mix mediums, dare to add ‘this’ or ‘that’, and create your very own intuitive piece - if you’re unsure you can do that, don’t worry! I’ll be here to guide you in selecting some mediums and paint, and teach you tricks that will put you in the right direction! If you’re very comfortable and like staying in your own bubble, you’ll be able to design and create your piece selecting any mediums and craft you need in a safe environment. This workshop will take place at beautiful Treand Gallery (pictured above) and is designed for everyone, experienced or not, trust us, we’ll find the artist inside you! Enjoy a glass of wine or two, juice, coffee, water, and fruits. All are included in your ticket. At the end of the workshop, all of you will bring home your very own masterpiece and you’ll also have the possibility to frame it here with us and have it ready to be hung on your wall! I look forward to seeing you! Ticket Includes: - Access to the 2 hours intuitive painting workshop - All art materials are included in your ticket: Paint, crayons, markers, gold leaves, cotton paper, and more - Step by step guidance and tricks from the Artist - A glass of wine, or juices, coffee & water - Fruits and snacks - Your very own contemporary artwork to bring home! The workshop will be conducted in English.

Din Hosting Artist

Laura Treand

5.00 (2)

Sprog: Engelsk, Fransk

Selected Works


Treand Gallery
Tullinsgade 6
1618, København

In the heart of the the ‘little Paris’ neighborhood of Copenhagen ( Vaernedamsvej / Tullinsgade), you’ll find the newly open ‘Treand Gallery’. A state-of-the-art showroom where you’ll find space to engage, meet and create your original artwork!


5.00 (2)


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