Hi! My name is Kir Lykkeberg, and I am a contemporary artist based in Copenhagen. I have a background in photography and design, and since completing my studies, I have embarked on a creative journey that spans various fields, from crafting paper flowers to experimenting with natural dyes and spinning yarn. I see my practice as a never ending journey, a place for the quirky, the dreamy and the beautiful. Where each piece of art tells its own story and is created with curiosity and a playful approach. Working in the space between nature, craft and science, art is created between my hands, the materials and my imagination. I like to be in touch with the creative process which is why my method is very hands-on and analoge. I am always experimenting, trying new techniques and making new discoveries. It is a slow process, but I love giving time for each piece to sprout in its own way and at its own pace. This way they all get their own crooked little marks of beauty. At my workshops my goal is for you to experience the same joy of creating as I do. The feeling of getting lost in time, creating art with your hands and discovering something new along the way. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Languages: Danish, English


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