Frequently Asked Questions


What is ARTXP?

ARTXP is building a global platform that connects individuals and companies with professional artists and skilled creators hosting unique, top-quality creative experiences & workshops. Our Pilot Phase ARTXP went live with its pilot phase in Copenhagen in October 2021 which means that during this exciting time you will notice a growing selection of artists and creators, experiences, enhancements to our platform, and lots more! New cities are also coming soon. If you have any feedback for us or if something is not working for you, we’d love to hear from you! Email at: If you are an artist and would like to join our family of hosting artists, join us today at and list your 1st experience!

What type of experiences can I list on ARTXP?

Be creative! We have a diverse selection of experiences on ARTXP for every taste and occasion including; Painting classes at local bars, Sculpture workshops at cozy artist homes, Figure Drawing workshops at local art collectives, Printmaking workshops at local galleries, Dance workshops at dance studios, Music concerts with up and coming musicians, Photography tours & workshops with talented local photographers, and Sound Effects workshops at iconic movie theatres! On ARTXP we welcome any experience in the creative space.

Why join ARTXP as a Hosting Artist?

When you join us you become part of a growing community that highlights and celebrates you- artists and creatives! We provide you with an all-in-one platform for creating, managing & selling experiences designed around your own unique art. Along with the management tools designed to meet your particular needs as an organizer and host of experiences in the creative space, we provide you with tailored one-on-one support and coaching to meet your specific needs, additional exposure & marketing, your own beautifully designed pages to help you boost your online visibility, customer service, automated payment system, ongoing guidance & feedback (aimed at helping you succeed as a Hosting Artist and earn a meaningful income), and a trusted (soon global) community of artists and creatives to be part of. Your success is our success and we take many great measures to achieve this.

What does ARTXP offer customers?

We make it easier for you to discover and book unique and memorable creative workshops and experiences any city has to offer. Whether you're looking for new creative skills or a fun evening with friends and colleagues, we’ve got you covered. Each experience on ARTXP is hosted by a local artist or creative, and has been carefully selected to ensure you have a memorable and fun experience. We have a wide selection of experiences for every taste, occasion and budget. Join an upcoming experience near you or request a group booking for your next private occasion!

Our Mission

We are dedicated to fostering an environment where artists and creators can thrive, and where the wider population can explore their passions and nurture their creativity. Our mission with ARTXP is to connect people through unforgettable creative experiences all while empowering and shining a spotlight on talented artists and creators. Join an experience and make a positive impact.

Who is the team running ARTXP?

We are a growing team of passionate and driven individuals who are dedicated to building a global community that celebrates artists and fosters creativity. Our founder Naamah Bierlich brings industry insights and expertise from years running an art events company in Copenhagen (artnsips), and our co-founder Maayan Bierlich, brings a culture that rewards excellence and innovation from nearly 20 years working for globally leading companies including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. We are fortunate to have amazing partners for the journey including Daniel Lauresn and Accelerace who have provided us with the initial funding needed to help get ARTXP off the ground. We are currently in the midst of securing additional funding so that we can keep growing our community and delivering a platform that you will value. Our team is growing! If you are a Developer or Marketer at heart, and If excellence and striving to be the best runs in your veins, then we'd love to hear from you! Head over to our LinkedIn for openings or email us at Find out more here:

ARTXP's Pilot Phase

When will ARTXP arrive to new cities?

We have launched our pilot phase in Copenhagen on October 15, 2021, which means that in the coming months you will notice a growing selection of artists, art experiences, ongoing enhancements to our website, new features, and lots more! And so, if you have any feedback for us or if something is not working for you, we’d love to hear from you! Simply use the chat icon on your screen and send your feedback through. ARTXP will arrive to new cities in 2023! Are you an artist? If you're an artist, in any medium of art, anywhere in the world, you are invited to join us already by creating an account so that you will get notified as soon as we arrive to your city. If you are offering an online experience, go ahead and join us now, and list your online experience today.

Become a Hosting Artist

What is the process for becoming an ARTXP Hosting Artist?

To become an ARTXP Hosting Artist, we have made the process simple and efficient. Step 1: Create an artist profile. Step 2: Set-up your Stripe account. All you have to do here is provide your bank account IBAN number so that you can receive payouts from ARTXP. Step 3: Create your first experience following our Guidelines and submit it for review. Step 4: Get approved and start adding dates. Once you add dates your experience and artist profile will be visible for the world. Tip: When creating your artist profile and your experience/s, the more accurate you are, and the more appealing the information and images you provide, the more likely you are to get accepted to ARTXP.

How much money will I make as a Hosting Artist?

As an ARTXP Hosting Artist, you decide how much you'd like to earn by setting your own schedule, and your own pricing. Host anything from 3 to +300 dates per year, and earn anything from DKK 3,000 to DKK +30,000 for every date. Its up to you! These amounts (DKK 3,000 to DKK +30,000 for every date), are after ARTXP's Service Fee has been charged. ARTXP's Service Fee is 20% from tickets and gift cards sold through our website, and 35% from private bookings sold through our website. To read more about ARTXP's Service Fee, scroll down this FAQ page and read ARTXP's Hosting Artist Services and Benefits & ARTXP's Service Fee. What are you waiting for? Join our family of Hosting Artists today, list your 1st experience, and enjoy new income opportunities and exposure to broad and new audiences. We'd love to meet you and experience your art!

What mediums of art do you welcome on ARTXP?

At ARTXP, we welcome artists from any medium of art. At the moment we have artists in over 60 mediums of art who created an account on ARTXP. The different mediums of art include painting, drawing, illustration, writing, poetry, ceramics, sculpture, woodwork, architecture, acting, dance, improv, music, movie production, and dozens more.

What types of experiences can I host on ARTXP?

You can host workshops, classes, concerts, performances, talks, tours, and a mix of these.

Can I host experiences as part of a group?

If you are an ensemble such as a group of musicians, actors, or dancers who perform together, you can list an experience as a group.

Is there anything I need to prepare before submitting my experience?

To adequately prepare to submit your experience, you will need a minimum of 13 high-resolution images. The submissions process works as follows: 1 profile image, 6 images of your work, and 6 images best describing the experience you are offering.

Can I set a minimum attendee/ participant number?

At ARTXP, we welcome every guest, whether they are attending on their own or as part of a group. For this reason, we do not set a minimum participant number.

Can I use other platforms to sell tickets for a listed date on ARTXP?

According to ARTXP's Hosting Artist Terms & Conditions (which every artist has to agree to before joining ARTXP), tickets for any date listed on ARTXP can only be sold via ARTXP.

Can I host online experiences on ARTXP?

Yes. If you are offering an online experience, go ahead and join us now regardless of your location in the world, and list your online experience with us today.

How should I stand out on ARTXP ?

Here are 5 key things to remember that will help you stand out and succeed on ARTXP: 1. An experience description that has a clear structure and flow- one that sets clear expectations. 2. High quality images that depict your experience. Check out other experiences on ARTXP for inspiration. 3. An appealing Artist Profile with a smiling profile picture (no selfies), ideally in your creative space, with an appealing and well written biography and high quality images of your work. 4. Differentiate yourself from other experiences on ARTXP. 5. Maintain a 5 star review record.

Services & Benefits to our Hosting Artists

What are the services provided by ARTXP, and the benefits for joining ARTXP as a Hosting Artist?

Here are the methods that we have chosen to help service and benefit the artists joining ARTXP as a Hosting Artist:

Marketing and Exposure

Along with the artists own marketing efforts, ARTXP provides its Hosting Artists with exposure to broad and new audiences through a variety of marketing efforts, including: Your own designated pages on ARTXP with tailored SEO allowing you to build a powerful online presence; Social Media coverage; Newsletter coverages; Online visibility to thousands of monthly site visitors.

Dedicated Host Success Manager at your Service

Every artist will receive tailored support and guidance from our dedicated Host Success Manager, every step of the way. We are helping our Hosting Artists at every stage of the journey. From scheduling phone calls, zoom meetings to in person meetings, we truly do what it takes to assist you and make the journey as easy and helpful for you as possible. We have already helped our hosting artists secure venues for their experiences, we have helped them refine their experience descriptions, guided them on price setting and date scheduling, and we have also sent professional photographers (or went ourselves!) to take pictures of their experience. We do all it takes to set you off to a successful journey as an ARTXP Hosting Artist!

Management Tools to Help You Get Going and Stay Organised

It only takes a few minutes to set up a Hosting Artist account. We do not request any upfront costs or subscription fees. Once you have submitted your first experience and reached full access to your artist dashboard, our management tools will help you get started and stay organized. We make it simpler for you to share your art with the world. What's great is that we have only started and you as an ARTXP Hosting Artist will notice that the platform will constantly evolve. Not only will you notice an enhancement and improvement to the existing features, but you will also notice more and more new features that are designed to generate more income for you and to make your journey as a Hosting Artist as beneficial, smooth, and organised as possible. And so, in order to do that we have hired a full time web developer who is in charge of constantly enhancing, refining, and improving our platform. So please do share your feedback with us if you see that something is not working, something that can work better, or if there is a feature that you'd possibly like us to add that you believe will add great value to you!

Customer Service Team

In order to provide service and support to your guests and or prospective guests, you will enjoy the service of our helpful Customer Service Team who will handle any customer inquiries, and take this extra load off your shoulders.

Private Bookings Team

As an ARTXP Hosting Artist you will enjoy new income opportunities in the form of private bookings. We will expose you, through our extensive marketing efforts, to a broad selection of potential private clients, including groups and corporates. In order to provide you with this exposure and to provide the best possible service to prospective private clients of yours, we will handle all private bookings inquires and lease with you and the potential private client until the booking is complete.

Automated and Secure Payment System

ARTXP works with the secure and automated payment processing provider, Stripe, in order to process payments securely and handle all Payouts to ARTXP's Hosting Artists. Stripe charges ARTXP a fee for every transaction taking place on the website (e.g. from every ticket sold), additionally it charges ARTXP a fee for every Hosting Artist getting paid through our website. ARTXP incurs all of Stripe's handling and processing fees, and thus saves this extra cost from its Hosting Artists.

Access to a Wealth of Resources and Guidelines

Our team has hosted hundreds of art experiences with thousands of guests in attendance. We understand the finer details when it comes to the creation, promotion, and execution of successful art experiences. As such, our hosting artists will gain access to a wealth of resources & guidelines summarising everything that we have learnt over the years, that will help you succeed as an ARTXP Hosting Artist.

A Trusted Community of Artists

When you join ARTXP, you become part of a trusted (and soon to be global) community of artists. In order to ensure that you are in good company, and in order to ensure a constant high quality of artists and experiences on ARTXP, our team carefully screens every artist and every experience submitted, and only admits those who meet ARTXP’s Standards and Requirements. Internal Review System We have also integrated an internal and automated review system which is designed to ensure that every artist consistently delivers high quality and valuable experiences. Every artist should aim for an average review ranking of 4.8 and above. Hosting artists who receive ongoing low reviews might get removed from ARTXP (after we have notified them and given them the opportunity to improve).

ARTXP's Service Fee

How much does it cost to join?

It's free to join ARTXP. There is no subscription required or fees to list your experiences. You keep 80% of each ticket sold and 75% of each private booking made through our website.

Refunds & Cancellations

Refunds & Cancellations

As a general rule, tickets purchased via ARTXP are non-refundable and non-transferable to other experiences. Should a Hosting Artist be forced to cancel or reschedule an Experience due to valid circumstances outside the control of the Hosting Artist, a full refund of the ticket purchase price must be issued by the Hosting Artist. The Hosting Artist must inform ARTXP and the ticket buyers immediately when an Experience needs to be cancelled or rescheduled. Valid circumstances outside the control of the Hosting Artist include illness, accidents, or serious personal issues, legal restrictions and safety concerns. ARTXP shall be entitled to require the Hosting Artist to provide documentation of such circumstances, and ARTXP shall at its sole discretion be entitled to decide when circumstances are considered sufficiently documented and when circumstances are considered valid and outside the control of the Hosting Artist. If an Experience is rescheduled due to valid circumstances outside the control of the Hosting Artist, and the ticket buyer does not wish to accept the new date and time, the Hosting Artist must accept to grant a full refund to the ticket buyer.

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