Cookie Policy


1 What are cookies?

1.1 Cookies are little text files made up of letters and numbers stored on your computer or other unit. Cookies are created when visiting a website that employs cookies. They are used to save your browser history, to help you start where you left off on a previous visit to the website and they can remember your chosen language or other preferences. 1.2 If ARTXP uses cookies you will be notified of the usage and purpose of the cookies collecting data. Before cookies are downloaded on to your computer ARTXP must ask for your consent. Cookies necessary for functionality and settings may be employed without your consent.

Cookies in use

2 ARTXP uses the following types of cookies

2.1 Technical cookies: Technical cookies are necessary for the functionality of most websites. They ensure you can stay on the website you are visiting. More detailed information on technical cookies can be found here. 2.2 Statistical cookies: Statistical cookies are used to optimize design, user-friendliness and efficiency of a website. The collected information is for example used to analyse which information is the most popular on the website, and which must therefore be easier to find to increase the user-friendliness. More detailed information on statistical cookies can be found here. 2.3 Personalized cookies: Personalized cookies are used to collect information about your interactions with the website, where they collect your digital “footprint”. Personalized cookies are used to present more relevant and targeted content to you. More detailed information on personalized cookies can be found here. 2.4 Marketing cookies: Marketing cookies are used for commercial purposes to target ads and marketing to you, by following your digital “footprint”. More detailed information on personalized cookies can be found here. 2.5 You can choose not to accept cookies on your computer by adjusting your browser settings. Settings are adjusted differently dependent on which type of browser is in use. Be aware that if you decline certain cookies, you also disable many internet functions and services.

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