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The Benefits

  • New income opportunities
  • Exposure to broad and new audiences
  • Easy setup and management tools
  • Access to a wealth of resources
  • Support by our dedicated Host Success Team
  • Automated and secure payment system
  • Build a powerful online presence
  • Become part of a trusted community of artists
  • No up-front costs and no subscription fees
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Everything You Need to Create, Manage, and Execute Bestselling Experiences


Booking and guest management tools


New income opportunities


Transactions and income overview


Internal communication tool with our support team


Automated review system to build trust and credibility


Host on your own terms and set your pricing and your schedule

Easy Setup and Management Tools for Every Artist

It only takes a few minutes to set up a hosting artist account. We do not request any upfront costs or subscription fees. Once you have submitted your first experience and reached full access to your artist dashboard, our management tools will help you get started and stay organized. We make it simpler for you to share your art with the world.

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Ongoing Support and Access to a Wealth of Resources

Our team has hosted hundreds of experiences with thousands of guests in attendance. We understand the finer details when it comes to the creation, promotion, and execution of successful art experiences. As such, our hosting artists will gain access to a wealth of resources, guidelines, and ongoing support by our dedicated Host Success Manager. Your success awaits

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Your Terms Your Money

What is truly unique about our approach is that we provide every ARTXP hosting artist the chance to host experiences on their own terms. You are in control of your presence, image, and your success. Our tools and platform allow you to choose the pricing of your experiences, the size of your audience (monitored through ticket sales), and the dates you wish to host on. Host anything from 30-300 dates per year and earn anything from 500€ to 5,000€+ for every date. What are you waiting for?

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Gain Prime Exposure

As an ARTXP hosting artist, you can take advantage of powerful and influential exposure across online and print media. We help you create and grow your presence through our very own marketing campaigns.

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ARTXP’s 5 S’s

At ARTXP, we maintain the highest service and quality standards and only partner with artists who share in our vision of excellence, dedication, and sheer passion. We review every experience to ensure the below requirements are met.


The hosting artist should possess specialized skills, expertise, and knowledge in their medium of art. These specialized skills enable you to create a memorable experience and provide value for your guests.


As our valued hosting artist, we encourage a structured experience with intention and clear flow that audiences will understand and appreciate.The structure is meant to give guests more clarity and help manage expectations.


Every hosting artist will host their experience in a welcoming and inviting space. Some of these spaces include private homes, studios, galleries, local venues (such as bars, cafes, theatres, concert halls, and museums, among others).


Our artists love hosting and meeting new people from different backgrounds. Social artists are personable and create lasting positive impressions wherever they go


A hosting artist should naturally focus on warming the hearts and creating smiles across the faces of their guests. Guests who leave with good memories will provide a positive review and are sure to attend again and spread the word about your experience.

Bonus S – it’s in the Small details.

Successful hosting artists are attentive to the finer details. By paying attention to the smallest details, your experience is sure to stand out.

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