Hi, I am Olga Skalska. I am a Psychologist and Embodiment Coach, Founder of Move&Grow, living and working in Copenhagen. I help people discover the power of their minds and bodies, connect with themselves and others, and have tons of fun doing it all! I provide an embodiment practice called GROOVE, an interactive group dance experience where we explore different types of music, unite in two or three simple steps, but dance in our own unique way. No previous dance background needed, no choreography to follow, no striving for perfection! We dance to express ourselves, not to impress others. All we care about is the power of MUSIC and how it can help establish a human connection through liberating body movement. We carefully select the most exciting tracks from all genres, styles, and cultures so you can get inspired to leave your comfort zone and get lost in the music. I have worked with many renowned companies in Denmark (SAP, Mars, Scandic), providing unforgettable team-building activities, training, and workshops. If you are looking for a fun, engaging activity for your event, GROOVE is a perfect ice breaker :) Get in touch!

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