Andrii Muzychenko, a skilled artist and architect from Ukraine, and Peter Haisler, the creative force behind Gallery Sapere Aude since 2018, have joined forces to deliver an extraordinary journey into the world of figure drawing. Andrii Muzychenko's Biography: Andrii Muzychenko, a talented artist and architect hailing from Ukraine, boasts a rich academic background in both architecture and the fine arts. His artistic talents span a diverse range of genres, including portrait, landscape, sketches, nude sketches, graphics, wall painting, and traditional Ukrainian folk painting. With over 15 years of experience, Andrey has also been passionately imparting his knowledge through teaching. Currently, he resides in the vibrant community of Frederiksberg, Denmark. Peter Haisler's Biography: Peter Haisler, the visionary behind Gallery Sapere Aude since 2018, has curated an exceptional space where artistry thrives. The gallery primarily features artists exploring the complexities of the human form in various creative expressions. Beyond his role as a gallery owner, Peter has been the host of numerous Croquis (Figure Drawing) and other art events, equipping him with an extensive understanding of the art world. His expertise extends beyond art; Peter is a political scientist who has served as a sustainability consultant for several years. Furthermore, he has contributed his insights as an external lecturer at prestigious institutions such as the Copenhagen Business School and the University of Copenhagen. Andrii and Peter look forward to embarking on a creative journey with you amidst the stunning backdrop of Gallery Sapere Aude in the heart of Copenhagen. The pictures here, on Andrii's and Peter's joint ARTXP profile, are of Gallery Sapere Aude and of Andrii's work.

Languages: Danish


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