My name is Renate Vermane and I am a concept and product designer based in Copenhagen and Frederiksdal, Denmark. I primarily work with clay, textile and print, developing collections on themes of life, such as balance, craftsmanship and connection. My work reflects my wish to communicate the purpose of the daily things we surround ourselves with, as well as elevate how we experience them. I was trained in several trades from an early age at the Riga Arts and Craft School, in Latvia. Later in life, I gained a BA in Brand Design (2017), yet after years of being employed in marketing and sales I decided to come back to my first love - clay, in 2020. Since, I have been participating in selected exhibitions with my work, and gained recognition by being chosen to develop product collections for a variety of businesses. These projects are currently in development, so stay in the loop to hear when they launch. I look forward to exploring the world of ceramics with you at my Fundamentals in Clay experience!

Languages: English, Danish


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