Hi there :) My name is Theodora, a Macrame artist based in Copenhagen with roots in Sweden and Greece. As a creative person, I have always enjoyed making things with my hands, and years ago I discovered the art of Macrame, which quickly became a new fun hobby! Macrame allows me to express my creativity in a unique way, using knots and cords to create intricate patterns that are both functional and beautiful. I love the versatility of this art form, as it can be used to make anything from plant hangers to wall hangings and beyond. As a Macrame artist, I'm dedicated to sharing my love for this craft with others. I enjoy teaching workshops and seeing the joy that my students experience when they create something beautiful with their own hands. Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me and my passion for Macrame. I look forward to sharing the art of Macrame with you at my workshop.

Languages: English, swedish


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