Hi my name is Tobias :) I'm a Copenhagen-based photographer, highly inspired by the look of film and always aiming for simplicity while captivating the underlying stories of Copenhagen. I want to evoke emotions and tell stories that make people consider their relationship with nature as well as to experience the vibe of Copenhagen. It's important to me to create an authentic experience through photography and although the knowledge of technical aspects is important, it's the connection to the city and photogenic locations I want you to feel. I'm educated in Visual Communication from the Royal Academy in Copenhagen and have been working within the fields of Graphic Design, Art Direction and Photography for more than 10 years. I have chosen the path of conceptual photography because it allows me to stay creative, and gives a huge sense of freedom being able to work outdoor and use nature and the city as my canvas. I've been published in several magazines, which was a great accomplishment. Seeing my photography in Waves & Woods was surely a big deal, but I feel my biggest accomplishment is creating a life that works for me, setting my own rules and boundaries and being able to live from that through my work is a privilege that i wouldn't trade for anything. I hope you will join me on a photographic experience in Copenhagen combining art, history and passion while establishing new connections and friendships. Looking forward to seeing you <3 Tobias

Languages: English, Danish, swedish


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