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Level: suitable for all levels

Type: concert

Immerse your senses in an unforgettable musical experience brought to life by three exceptional artists. Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing mezzo-soprano's velvety tones, the resonant and commanding sounds of the cello, and the elegant virtuosity of the piano melodies. Amber Trio has already enchanted and inspired thousands of listeners with their captivating performances. Through their renditions of the most beautiful classical masterpieces, these three musicians offer a respite from the mundane routines of daily life, allowing audiences to immerse themselves in the intrinsic value and breathtaking beauty of the present moment. Whether you are a devoted classical music enthusiast or simply intrigued by the art form, a concert featuring the harmonious blend of voice, cello, and piano is bound to ignite your passion. Experience the allure of timeless opera arias, autumn-inspired melodies, and fiery tango rhythms, leaving you spellbound in their wake. Following the concert, you are warmly invited to unwind and savor a glass of wine in the company of both old and new friends. Furthermore, you will have the unique opportunity to meet and engage with the talented artists themselves, delving deeper into the inspiration behind their exceptional performances.

This experience is also available for private bookings.

Minimum booking price: 6000 dkk
Groups bigger then 40 guests will pay the ticket price per person.
Additional guests will be charged the ticket price: 150 dkk.

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Location: this experience can only be held at your location. The maximum number of participants is 200.

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Languages: French, Italian, English, German

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Godthåbsvej 33
2000, Copenhagen

Metronomen is a live music venue located in Frederiksberg, Copenhagem.