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Level: suitable for all levels

Type: performance & workshop

Have you ever found yourself reaching for a cup of tea when you need a moment of calm or reflection? If the answer is yes, then maybe this cultural journey is what you are looking for. Join me on a 2 to 2.5-hour immersive experience, a symphony of culture and flavor that will transport you to the heart of an authentic Chinese tea ceremony – an age-old ritual that embodies grace, mindfulness, and connection. Allow the aesthetics and grace of ancient Chinese traditions to embrace you as we embark on a voyage into the art of tea preparation and appreciation. During this workshop, you'll have the pleasure of tasting 2-3 types of exquisite Chinese teas, carefully selected for their exceptional quality and unique flavours. As an experienced tea master, I will share my knowledge and expertise, guiding you through the nuances of tea brewing and its rich cultural significance. To complement the tea, I will provide delightful tea snacks. Alongside 3 to 4 fellow explorers, you'll engage in enriching conversations, forging connections that transcend cultural boundaries. You will experience moments of tranquillity and create cherished memories. Whether you're a seasoned tea connoisseur or a curious beginner, this experience is tailor-made for everyone. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the modern world, allow yourself the indulgence of a meditative tea journey – a cultural exploration that rejuvenates and inspires. Your ticket includes: -Admission to a 2-2.5h traditional Chinese tea ceremony and tea tasting experience - Introduction and demonstration of tea brewing techniques and knowledge - Guidance from an experienced tea master who will share insights into the nuances of tea brewing and its rich cultural significance -Tasting of 2-3 types of exquisite Chinese teas, carefully selected for their exceptional quality and unique flavors - Delightful tea snacks that complement and enhance your tasting experience - A unique opportunity to connect with oneself and others in a serene and meaningful setting

This experience is also available for private bookings.

Minimum booking price: 1500 dkk
Groups bigger then 1 guests will pay the ticket price per person.
Additional guests will be charged the ticket price: 350 dkk.

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Location: this experience can be held at your location (up to 10 participants) or the artists location (up to 5 participants).

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Languages: English, Danish, Chinese

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My private home Tea Room
Kildestrædet 114
2740, Copenhagen

A private tea room exuding genuine Chinese aesthetic ambience.