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Level: beginner

Type: workshop

You are invited to embark on a creative journey with me! This Surrealist Painting Experience invites you and your group to unleash your creativity, guiding you through the creation of a surrealist-inspired painting. Explore the boundless possibilities of art, and express your unique vision on canvas. Whether you're looking to foster teamwork, celebrate milestones, or enjoy a creative escape, this session promises a memorable exploration of surrealism and personal expression. What You'll Experience: - Introduction to Surrealism (10 minutes): Your session kicks off with an engaging exploration into the surrealist movement. Discover the groundbreaking work of artists like Miró, Dalí, and Magritte, and understand the profound impact surrealism has had on art and culture. - Hands On Painting Experience (2 hours): Dive into the creative process under my guidance all while enjoying a glass of wine. Choose from a collection of inspirational images and learn three unique approaches to craft your own surrealist artwork. This session encourages personal expression and exploration, ensuring a piece that's uniquely yours. Your Booking Includes: - 2.5 hours of guided painting experience, suitable for all skill levels. - All art supplies provided for each participant, including: paints, brushes, canvas, apron. - A 30x40 cm canvas for each participant to take home their masterpiece painting. - Full setup and cleanup service at your venue. - An unforgettable activity to engage with art, get inspired, and connect meaningfully. Additional Information for Groups: - Drinks: Please note that drinks are not provided with this booking. However, the experience is designed to be complemented by beverages to enhance the creative process. You are highly encouraged to arrange your own selection of drinks to accompany the session. - Flexible Theme Adaptation: While our focus is on surrealism, the workshop can be customized to fit any theme that aligns with your company's values or event's motif. Interested in a theme adaptation? Once you have completed the online booking form, ARTXP's team will collaborate with you to customize the experience, ensuring it resonates with your group. - Accessible to All: No prior painting experience needed; just a spirit of adventure. Ideal for team building, friend gatherings, and celebrations. - Adaptations for Larger Groups: For gatherings exceeding 40 participants, I will bring additional assistants to ensure a smooth and engaging experience for everyone involved. Please note, an additional fee will be applied, varying according to the size of your group. -Transportation Fee: An additional transportation fee will apply based on location. This Experience is Perfect for: Perfect for teams, groups, or companies seeking a fun, memorable, and creative activity to foster problem-solving, innovative thinking, and outside-the-box ideas. It is ideal for anyone looking to learn new painting techniques, explore acrylic painting, or simply enjoy a relaxing time. Transform your office or chosen venue into a dynamic space of endless creativity with my mobile workshop. It's an opportunity to inspire, invigorate, and unite through the power of art. Join me on this creative journey and turn your occasion into an unforgettable exploration of surrealism and creativity.

This experience is also available for private bookings.

Minimum booking price: 3790 dkk
Groups bigger then 10 guests will pay the ticket price per person.
Additional guests will be charged the ticket price: 379 dkk.

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Location: this experience can only be held at your location. The maximum number of participants is 250.

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Copenhagen and Beyond
2200, Copenhagen

This mobile experience is available not only in the Copenhagen but also extends beyond, accommodating any preferred location. Whether it's within the city or further out, I'm ready to bring this unique session to your company office, home, or chosen venue. For those interested in hosting this experience in Copenhagen or outside of Copenhagen; including anywhere in Denmark or internationally, please note that an additional transportation fee will apply, depending on your location.