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Level: beginner

Type: tour & workshop

Learn to capture the unique atmosphere of a fleeting moment or the interplay between natural elements and their surroundings; the way the street light illuminates the fog, the glow of the setting sun on the water or the traces the passing seasons leave on the city. I invite you to join me as we discover a new face to Copenhagen and its hidden gems seen through the lens of nature and the elements. I will teach you how to capture a special atmosphere in your images, how to tell a story and make a subject come alive in a scene which will help you to develop your own unique vision and style. In this workshop I will share with you my approach to photography, my experience and my passion for what I do. We will begin the workshop by doing some stylistic exercises and explore the different possibilities in terms of composition, contrast and playing with the light, shapes and lines around us. This will also allow us to explore how your camera works and for you to understand what settings to use to get the result you have in mind. The workshop will take place in central Copenhagen exploring the city’s monuments, including some of my favourites such as the Marble Church, Amalienborg Castle and Nyhavn as well as the city's most charming and lesser-known locations. You will come away with the desire to use your camera more often and go out and explore, knowing you will capture special moments through your lens. You are invited to bring whatever camera you have, be it a smartphone or a DSLR/Mirrorless camera. The equipment doesn't really matter, it just has to be able to take pictures. This workshop is designed to suit all levels and interests, from beginner to advanced. I look forward to you joining me! Your ticket includes: - Instruction and guidance from a professional photographer; - A structured curriculum covering topics such as the general functioning of a camera and the techniques needed to take great pictures; the rules of composition and how to apply them; the management of light according to the time of day; the use of guidelines, angles and the environment and a lot more! - Unique and fun opportunity to practice and really develop your own style; - Hands-on practice as we explore both the known and lesser known gems of Copenhagen; - Your own one-of-a-kind photographs from this session!

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Minimum booking price: 1000 dkk
Groups bigger then 2 guests will pay the ticket price per person.

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Your Hosting Artist

Thibault Pageot

5.00 (12)

Languages: English, French, smule dansk

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Gammel Strand Metro Station
Højbro Pl. 8
1202, Copenhagen

I will meet you at the metro station Gammel Stand (right outside in front of the elevator), which will be our starting point for a 2 hour ride to the metro station Rådhuspladsen. Of course more time will be spent taking pictures than walking. Count on a maximum of 2 km of walking in total.


5.00 (12)


The experience ended on 21/01.