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Level: intermediate

Type: talk & workshop

Have you ever wondered how your favourite photographer’s pictures have the same style and tone? How they play with light and shadow to draw your eye? And how they utilise colours to make their pictures stand above the rest? It is due to photo editing. If you are interested in progressing in your photography skills and take your photos to the next level, this workshop will help you do that, by introducing the most common editing tool: Lightroom. We will go though topics like how to expose your photo correctly, how to use contrast, how to edit colours individually, how to masks and much more. The workshop will require you to have an editing software and the best would be Lightroom. But Lightroom does have common features to software like Luminar, so if you are more comfortable with that it is fine. Mobile version of Lightroom is also completely fine. The workshop will be online where I will share my screen, so you can follow along. We will spend some 2 hours together so you can ask questions as much as you want. I hope to see you soon Your ticket include: - Two hour workshop in Lightroom - Learn how to use Lightroom with the guidance of a professional photographer - How to shape light in Lightroom - How to expose your photo - How to manage colours and colour theory - How to utilise “the curve” in editing - Guidance in how to pick your editing style - Tips and tricks to make your editing smarter

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Joacim Madsen

5.00 (9)

Languages: Danish, English

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This online experience will be streaming live via Teams. Please download Teams on your PC for a better viewing experience. The Teams link will be sent out to you in your electronic ticket once you have purchased your ticket(s). Please note, that the link refers to the up coming date for the workshop. If your ticket is for a later date, the link will eventually be updated with the date that you signed up for.


5.00 (9)


The experience ended on 15/12/22.