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This workshop is all about having a meditative experience of being in conversation with yourself and your emotions through art. Through mixed media art, I encourage you to play and discover the childlike wonder once again in your life. By uncovering the endless possibilities of your creative expression, you can hold space for your emotional well-being, let go of stress, find some still and make time for quiet reflection. ''You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.'' - Brene Brown The aim of this workshop is to inspire you to hold space for you, your story and your lived experiences in a safe space without any judgement in the company of other like-minded creative humans. Play. Connect. Experience. Rejoice. You will be welcomed in my cosy home studio with a warm cup of tea and a huge smile for a 2 hour experience. We will begin with a 15-min long meditation during which I will share visualisation prompts. Afterwards we'll begin with our mixed media creations. The session will include some basic prompts to help you overcome the fear of blank canvas and to start exploring the mixed media medium in an intuitive way. You will have a unique piece of abstract art to bring with you home towards the end of the workshop. At the end of the session we will take 15 mins to share what we have made, what we were thinking about, what it represents for us and how it feels to express those thoughts and emotions on to the canvas. This experience is designed for everyone. You need not to know anything about meditation or art to be a part of this experience. You'll also enjoy the workshop if you are a seasoned artist. This could be your space to let go of control and explore something new that you haven't tried in a while. Come as you are and enjoy a mindful cup of tea and snacks while you explore your creative expression through guided meditation and intuitive art. You'll have access to snacks and tea during the workshop. We can host up to 5 people so be quick to book yours :) The program for the evening is: ∙ Introduction: Meet and greet, find a spot that you'd like to sit on and settle in ∙ A warm cup of tea ∙ 15-mins long meditation and visualisation exercise ∙ Painting and intuitive mark-making for the rest of the evening ∙ Sharing our work, process and thoughts with the rest of the group before we part ways Ticket includes: ∙ Admission to the 2-hr long experience ∙ A mindful cup of tea and snacks ∙ 15-mins long meditation + visualisation exercise ∙ All art materials including paints, brushes, canvas and/or paper if you'd prefer that ∙ A unique abstract painting to bring home with yourself The materials are yours to borrow during the evening but if you have your own, you are welcome to bring them along. This experience will be held in English. I look forward to seeing you! :)

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