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Level: beginner

Type: workshop

This Linocut Print Workshop with Henry the Rabbit will provide all the tricks to get you started on your introduction to basic print techniques . Printmaking is a fun way to create images that can be used as poster art, t-shirt & fabric designs, propaganda prints, or limited edition fine art prints. It's great for handmade gifts or extravagant hate messages. Great for singles, couples, groups, travelers and locals. Request a private booking for larger groups. I will guide you through all the steps to make some rather impressive prints. Within the day we should have drawn out, carved and inked up your linoleum which will be transferred to paper. All materials are provided including; linoleum, carving tools, inks, papers, caffeine, etc... band aid if required :) . 2 to 3 prints (of the same image) at the end of the day without chopping up your fingers is the aim, and a rather realistic one. We do use cutting tools, but with a bit of common sense, it's easy to avoid self mutilation. Guests will get to take the carved block home so you can make as many prints as they like with very few tools required. Christmas and birthday presents are sorted for everyone. Guests should be prepared that the prints might need to dry overnight. We can dry them with a hairdryer to avoid expensive postage costs if you are unable to return. Linocut, is a printmaking technique that takes it's method from woodcut printing. In place of a wooden block, a sheet of linoleum is used. A design can be drawn directly to the linoleum, and then carved away with various chisels or gouges. This is called relief printing: Basically the areas above the carved areas are what take the ink which is rolled with something fancy folk call a brayer. I call it a roller, and once the ink is rolled it can be transferred to paper or fabric. Large print presses are fun, but I prefer to give you the print by hand method which you will be able to do at home without any extra expense. I look forward to getting you hooked to this fun, creative way of expressing yourself in print.

This experience is also available for private bookings.

Minimum booking price: 2000 dkk
Groups bigger then 4 guests will pay the ticket price per person.

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Location: this experience can be held at your location (up to 10 participants) or the artists location (up to 4 participants).

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Languages: English, Danish, Spanish, 日本語(ちょっとだけ)

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Home Appartment
Daemningen 66, 2th
2610, Copenhagen

From Hvidovre Station, go the opposite direction from the bridge on Hvidovrevej. Across the bus stop square, there is a pizza place called Matador. The door to the right of there, and the top bell with the name Wood is where you need to be :) Call: 61665936 if you are having trouble finding me.


5.00 (14)


The experience ended on 06/12/22.