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Level: suitable for all levels

Type: talk & workshop

Danish visual artist Lars Christian Kræmmer, founder of Artmoney, invites us to experience art and get creative together at his Artmoney creation workshops. Join Lars in a special two hour workshop in which he will show you how to make your own Artmoney- a currency made of art. Anyone can make Artmoney, and so both the novice and experienced artist are invited. This workshop promises to be fun and thought-provoking, spiced up with wild stories to spark creativity and imagination, from Lars’s real life as an artist and a member of the Adventurers Club of Denmark. We will work individually and as a group, drawing with various tools on paper. Bring home the Artmoney that you make, spend it, frame it or keep it as a souvenir. The basic idea of Artmoney is that anyone can produce a hand-made currency. Artmoney takes the form of a 12x18 cm painting or drawing, and is fixed in its value of DKK 200. Beyond that it is up to each individual to leave their own unique mark. This is a truly special workshop and not to be missed. Join with a friend, or come meet new ones! Ticket Includes: • Admission to a 2-hour guided drawing workshop where you will create several of your own original Artmoney, each worth DKK 200. • Drawing instructions and guidance spiced up with wild stories to spark creativity and imagination for both the novice and experienced artist • All art material including drawing paper (size 12x18 cm) and colourful pencils • Refreshments including coffee and tea • A creative and thought-provoking drawing experience Visit Lars's profile on ARTXP to read more about Artmoney.

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Languages: Danish, English

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Artmoney studio
Esromgade 15, room 1306
2200, Copenhagen

Lars Christian Kræmmers private art studio in Copenhagen.


5.00 (3)


The experience ended on 11/02/22.