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Level: beginner

Type: tour & workshop

Join me on a photography adventure through the charming streets and magnificent architecture of Copenhagen. This workshop is perfect for those who want to refine their photography skills and explore the beauty of this vibrant city. Together, we will stroll through some of the most picturesque and iconic streets of Copenhagen, including Teglgårstræde, Magstræde, The Gammel Strand Area, and many more stunning locations. Along the way, I will share fun facts and interesting stories about each street and its unique character. As an experienced photographer, I will also teach you my approach to photography and share the methods I use to achieve my signature style. You will have the opportunity to experiment with new techniques and angles, and I will offer guidance to help you achieve the results you desire. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate photographer, this workshop is tailored to suit all levels and interests. You will learn the basics of lighting and how it impacts your photography, and we will focus on capturing the essence of Copenhagen while having fun and making new connections. To participate, all you need is a camera, whether it's a smartphone or a DSLR/mirrorless camera, and basic familiarity with operating your equipment. If you plan to use a mobile device, I recommend shooting in RAW format using an app like Adobe Lightroom, which is free to use and offers greater editing flexibility. I will gladly provide guidance on how to use this app during the workshop. As a bonus, all workshop participants will receive a 25% discount on my Lightroom Preset Packages. So, come join me on this photography adventure and let's capture the magic of Copenhagen together! Your ticket includes: -A guided photography tour through some of the most picturesque and iconic streets of Copenhagen, where you will have the opportunity to capture stunning photographs of the city's beautiful architecture; - Expert guidance and instruction from an experienced photographer, who will share their approach to photography and offer advice on techniques and angles; - Fun facts and interesting stories about the streets and locations visited during the workshop, providing a unique cultural experience; - Instruction on lighting and how it impacts your photography; - A chance to connect with other photography enthusiasts and make new connections; - A 25% discount on Lightroom Preset Packages as a bonus for workshop participants. I hope you will join me on a photographic experience in Copenhagen combining art, history and passion while establishing new connections and friendships. Tobias Thank you for purchasing your ticket/s for my photography workshop in Copenhagen! Please kindly note that tickets purchased within 48 hours or less before an experience date may be subject to rescheduling. Please keep an eye out on your inbox for possible rescheduling. If you have purchased your ticket more than 48 hours before the experience date, please disregard this message. Your Hosting Artist, Tobias Glud.

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Minimum booking price: 3600 dkk
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Location: this experience can only be held at the artists location. The maximum number of participants is 6.

Your Hosting Artist

Tobias Glud

5.00 (7)

Languages: English, Danish, swedish

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Vesterport Station (outside the 7/11)
Vesterport Station
1612, Copenhagen

We will meet at Vesterport Station outside 7/11 and walk from there.


5.00 (7)