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Join us for a physical, mental, and spiritual journey, where we will combine the magic of ceremonial Cacao and a dynamically interactive and creative group dance experience! Nurture your body, mind, heart, and soul in a group of like-minded people. What do Cacao ceremonies and The GROOVE Experience have in common? Cacao ceremonies are centuries-old rituals seen as the ultimate heart-opener, and so is dancing. The program includes the following: 1. Cacao Ceremony Opening - Introduction to the plant and setting intentions 2. Drinking Cacao together and letting it settle 4. An introduction to the Groove method, principles, and values 5. Warm-up 6. Core dancing 7. Cool down and stillness 8. Closing - Sharing Circle and Reflections The main benefits of Ceremonial Cacao: - Mental and physical: increases blood flow to the brain and heart, creating heightened mental agility, awareness, and focus. Furthermore, it improves mood, balances mood swings, and lowers depression. It helps the body heal, detoxify, and gives your immune system a good boost, the perfect combo to prepare for winter. - Emotional and spiritual: helps us to release emotional blockages that no longer serve us, find forgiveness in ourselves and others, and shows us the way forward if we are stuck or afraid of making necessary life changes. A Cacao ceremony in the modern world is an opportunity for us to get together in a circle and create a space for personal inquiry and profound transformation. Using Cacao as a catalyst to guide us through an internal journey, the wisdom of plant medicine will help us clarify our place in this world. After the first part of drinking the Cacao, we will move on to THE GROOVE Dancefloor experience, where we will focus on getting out of our heads (thinking) and coming home into our bodies (feeling). We will learn not to care about how we look when we dance but how we feel and what emotions need healthy expression and nurturing. What is GROOVE? GROOVE is a simple, creative, and fun interactive group dance experience. No previous dance background needed, no choreography to follow, no striving for perfection! You come as you are, dance your unique way, and unite in one rhythm with others. When you practice Groove, you are not joining a standard dance class. There is no need to be cool, dress in fancy clothes, or try to fit in. The Groove community consists of people who welcome you with all your authenticity and encourage each other to inspire creative self-expression. We all care about MUSIC’s power and how it can help establish a human connection through liberating body movement. We carefully select the most exciting tracks from all genres, styles, and cultures so you can get inspired to leave your comfort zone and get lost in the music. The GROOVE Philosophy is based on 5 GROOVE truths: 1. No one cares how you look when you dance 2. Your way is the right way - find your unique expression 3. No one can do it for you - you are the only one responsible for your wellbeing and health 4. You should look different - practice being yourself and embrace it 5. You don't understand something until you apply it - so don't be afraid and try it! About the Hosting Artists Vico - Hosting the Cacao Ceremony (Yoga with Vico) With my BA in Occupational Therapy, I have learned how everybody can practice yoga. I apply this knowledge to help people of all ages and conditions to have a better quality of life. I began my yoga teaching career in 2019, focusing on the body and its many capabilities. My passion is to empower and inspire people to be able to deal with the challenges of life – on/off the mat. I love to guide my classes in a functional approach and create the mind-body connection. For me, yoga is about finding curiosity and awareness, pivoting into a new corner where you can push yourself to get further. Olga - Hosting and leading the Groove Experience (Move&Grow) Hi! My name is Olga, and I am an official Facilitator of THE GROOVE method by Misty Tripoli, the easiest and most authentic dance experience. I coach people to move creatively, embrace the uniqueness of their bodies, and have fun when they dance. I am also a Psychologist and Embodiment Coach, so I use all my knowledge holistically to help people develop healthy self-esteem and self-confidence, which are the pillars of a fulfilled life and quality relationships. I look forward to dancing with you! Olga (Move & Grow)

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